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Stainless Steel Narcotic Cabinets

Narcotic Cabinet Options for Secure Material Management

Security is a must when handling sensitive materials such as narcotics in your lab or medical facility. Narcotics cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes as well as lock and mounting options. But there’s more to choosing the right cabinet than just making sure there’s a lock on it somewhere. Narcotics cabinets can also

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Stainless Steel Pegboard with Pegs & Accessories

How to Choose the Right Laboratory Pegboard

Pegboards serve multiple functions in a lab, from providing a sanitary way to quickly dry equipment to keeping oft-used materials visible and organized. Most laboratory pegboards come with a variety of accessories, including different peg lengths, drip troughs, screen inserts, drain grids, and much more. The right pegboard is invaluable for helping scientists operate more

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Acrylic Pegboard

Acrylic Offers Clear Advantages for Labs

Some labs are limited in terms of what materials they can choose to furnish their space, based on specific needs for chemical resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and/or heat resistance. In some cases, stainless steel pegboards and accessories are the obvious choice, while for others, epoxy pegboards and accessories make the most sense. For labs where

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Seismic Lips & Turrets Shelving

The Advantages of Seismic Restraints for Shelves, Tables, and Countertops

Many states require that all new shelving in labs include seismic restraints for safety reasons, including the goal of keeping equipment from sliding off the shelves and breaking during an earthquake or other seismic event. Seismic restraints are also practical in other applications besides shelving, including tables and countertops. In addition to acting as a

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