Seismic Lip

Turret Post & Rod

    Stainless steel seismic shelving Turret Post and Rod assemblies are available for any width, depth, and style of shelving and can be supplied with stainless steel hardware required to mount the Turret post to the new or existing shelving. Posts are customarily supplied at 1.5" heights and the rods that span them are 1/4" diameter unless otherwise noted by customer. The system comes with corner turrets CT-1, middle turrets MT-1 and end turrets ET-1 when and where required. Choose to place the restraints on the front only utilizing middle turrets and two end turrets or cap off the shelf ends with adding two corner turrets. Any combination can be furnished upon customers request.

CT-1:         Download PDF
ET-1:         Download PDF
MT-1:         Download PDF

Available Sizes:
Model Number Dimensions
MT-1 Middle Turret
ET-1 End Turret
CT-1 Cornet Turret