Inter Dyne Systems has gained a reputation as the leader in the laboratory pegboard market. We have built upon that foundation with our stainless steel pegboards. Acrylic and epoxy pegboards round out our line enabling us to offer pegboard products for any application.

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Victoria V2430 - V4836

Victoria (V1824 - V4836)

The Victoria or V Mod-Rack™ pegboard is constructed of lightweight stainless steel, offered in a range of sizes and variety of mounting options. The Victoria has an integral drip trough along the bottom edge.

Baron B2430 - B3630

Barron (B2430 - B3630)

The B Barron Mod-Rack™ pegboards are also made of lightweight stainless steel. They are offered in three sizes and a variety of mounting options. Each pegboard comes with a drip deflector at the bottom edge.



Epoxy pegboards are black 1 thick and available with white or black pegs in a variety of lengths. We understand how time can be of the essence for many laboratory dealers or end users. With this in mind we stock standard sized epoxy pegboards that can be shipped quickly for immediate use.



Acrylic pegboards are made out of either 3/4" or 1" thick clear acrylic. Pegboards can be supplied with a frosted back to screen or tone down light, if desired. Pegs are available in white or black and in three different lengths. All edges are eased and flame polished for a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing product. Standard sizes are available, as well as custom shapes and sizes.

pegboard accessories

Pegboard Accessories

The simple addition of our varied accessories enables you to adapt your work station to changing needs.

pegboard mounting

Pegboard Mounting

With a variety of options for mounting you can customize your work or storage area.

pegboard pegs

Pegboard Pegs

A variety of peg sizes for use with Victoria or Baron Pegboards.