Narcotics Cabinets

Inter Dyne Systems produces stainless steel narcotic cabinets & specimen pass-through boxes. When handling sensitive materials, security is a must. With multiple size, mounting and lock options, these boxes add the security you need to your versatile workstation.

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Combination & Key

Combination & key lock cabinets

Keep items secure and out of sight. With a full range of sizes, door and lock options, these cabinets can meet most any need when having to secure narcotics or other sensitive material.

Inner/Outer Cabinets

Inner/Outer door key lock cabinets

Put two doors and two separately keyed cylinder locks between your products and potential intruders. Our inner/outer door cylinder lock cabinets are made to give you increased security and peace of mind.

Pass-through cabinets

Pass-through cabinets

Our pass-through specimen cabinets are a popular option that can easily be mounted in an existing laboratory or clinic wall. Shipped with their own frame, these cabinets can be specified for new construction also.

Drawer lock boxes

Drawer Units

Perfect for keeping medications or small samples separate and secure, the Med-Lock drawer unit features a single key lock and can be discretely mounted within a desk drawer.

Cabinet interior light

Cabinet interior light

Most cabinets can be outfitted with an optional interior light that makes retrieving products that much easier.

Cabinet interior light

Remote warning light

For added security, narcotic cabinets can have a silent remote warning light installed. A small red light fixture can be installed anywhere in a facility, when the cabinet door is opened, the light will call attention to the event.